Mother's Day at Kollman's Korner

Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day at Kollman’s Korner

Kollman’s Korner will be giving everyone the opportunity to show Mom just how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day by offering a Mother’s Day Lunch from 11:00 – 2:00.

This year’s menu is served family-style, and will feature Tenderloin Beef Tips and Chicken Breast with Supreme Sauce. Side dishes will include real mashed potatoes and dressing with gravy, green beans, our famous cole slaw, cranberry walnut salad, rolls, butter, and a choice of milk or coffee to drink. Top it all off with Carrot Cake for dessert and you have a lunch that will make Mom’s day. With all of this available for only $13.95/person  (children’s meal pricing is available, too), Kollman’s Korner will allow you to let Mom know just how special she is, while not breaking the bank.

Make your reservation today by calling 920-583-4351. We look forward to seeing you!

Chicken Wings and Bar-B-Q Ribs Featured

Slabs of BBQ Spare ribsIf you haven’t stopped in for a while or noticed the changes to our Friday and Saturday menu then you are in for a treat. We have discontinued the creamy pasta entrée and breaded mushrooms appetizer, but we have added some delicious items to replace them. We are now featuring one pound of Chicken Wings in our appetizer menu on both nights, and while you might be expecting that amount of delicious chicken wings to run higher than our other appetizers, we are keeping the price at $5.95. Why not come out this Friday or Saturday and take advantage of this great priced and great tasting appetizer.

We are also now offering a slow-roasted half or full rack of ribs on our Saturday menu. When you imagine fall-off-the-bone-tender mouthwatering ribs drenched in our fantastic BBQ sauce you are going to want to make your reservation immediately (I’m drooling on my keyboard just typing it). Perhaps you would think this couldn’t get better, but it does when you consider that these ribs will leave your stomach full, but won’t empty your wallet. With a half-rack at $14.95 and a full-rack at $19.95, you’ll want to come back every weekend to enjoy this delicious goodness. Don’t miss out on these tasty features, call 920-583-4351 or use our contact form to make reservations today.

Make Mom’s Day at Kollman’s Korner

Mother's Day at Kollman's KornerOnce again Kollman’s Korner will be giving everyone the opportunity to give Mom a break on Mother’s Day. Why slave over a stove trying to figure out where Mom keeps everything when you can have Kollman’s Korner handle all the cooking and serving while you enjoy your mom’s company. This year’s Mother’s Day menu is again family style and will feature roast turkey and tenerloin beef tips. The side dishes will include real mashed potatoes and dressing with gravy, as well as a delicious favorite of nearly everyone, baked green bean casserole. Of course we will also be serving our world famous cole slaw, along with a cranberry walnut salad, rolls, butter, with a choice of milk or coffee to drink. Top it all off with some cherry cheese torte and you have a lunch that will make Mom’s day. With all of this available for only $12.95/person with children’s pricing available Kollman’s Korner will allow you to treat Mom special while not breaking the bank. You can make reservation through our contact page or by calling 920-583-4351.

Make Kollman’s Korner Your Choice for Easter Lunch

Are you dreading the work of the Easter dinner? Why fret when Kollman’s Korner will open on Easter Sunday from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. to serve dinner. Not only will you save yourself work, but you will tickle your tastebuds with a delicious family style meal featuring ham and turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn, our famously delicious cole slaw, and dinner rolls all topped off with apple crisp for desert. The best part of this unique opportunity is the price. Kollman’s Korner won’t break the bank this Easter as you get all this for only $12.95/person with special children’s pricing available. Reservations are required so call 920-583-4351 today to reserve your spot or use our contact form to let us know you’re coming.

New Saturday Special Offers

IMAG0093The Kollman’s Korner Saturday Evening Menu now features a brand new menu item and amazing special offers. First, come try our current chef’s choice chicken, the NEW Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast. This very popular item is a perfectly moist chicken breast with the rich flavor of our special pecan crusting. For a limited time for only $13.95. Also, you will notice that we have changed our Rib Eye and Prime Rib offerings from 10 oz to 12 oz, but without a raise in price. Get two ounces more of delicious Rib Eye or Prime for the same low price of $14.95. Another favorite of our Saturday evening menu is our 1/3 lb Hamburgers. These deliciously filling burgers are cooked to order and normally priced at $6.45, but we are now featuring them on Saturday evenings for only $4.50. Finally, enjoy some light refreshment on your Saturday evening by taking advantage of our $1.00 Grasshoppers. A perfect blend of cream and alcohol makes these affordable drinks not only delicious but also refreshing. Stop in this weekend to enjoy these specials.

all specials are for a limited time only

Kollman’s Korner Featured

In case you were still wondering if visiting Kollman’s Korner would be a good idea, you should check out the very positive reviews that Kollman’s Korner received on Wisconsin Fish Fry Reviews and Urban Spoon. As those who have visited Kollman’s Korner might expect, both the reviewers were blown away by the Hickory Nut Pie; in fact, the Wisconsin Fish Fry Review said,

“It was the best pie I’ve EVER had; perfect crust, drizzled with caramel, a scoop of ice cream, real whipped cream. I want it every day.”

On Urban Spoon, where Kollman’s Korner is liked by 3 of 4 users, Pam delights in the Perch,

“Awesome quality perch… so mild, it melts on your tongue. It has the flakiest, most delicate breading. So good you can skip the lemon & tartar sauce.”

Additionally, the Wisconsin Fish Fry Review thought the Walleye was especially tasty,

“The cole slaw was really good, and the potato pancakes were very homemade, nice browned edges, tasty. . . . The beer batter on the fish was so good, as good as at The Pub but a lot lighter. Best walleye I’ve had. They looked like viking long boats made of battered fish.”

Clearly, if you have been putting off a visit to Kollman’s Korner you are missing out on a hidden gem of a restaurant in small town Wisconsin. Don’t delay, visit Kollman’s Korner today.