About Kollman’s Korner Supper Club

Nestled in the northeastern corner of Dodge County, Wisconsin, at first glance, LeRoy, WI may not seem a likely destination for those who don’t live there; however, LeRoy can boast two things that make it unique to other Wisconsin towns. First, this small farming community is set only three miles north of the Horicon Marsh and offers some breathtaking views of the Marsh. Second, LeRoy is the home to Kollman’s Korner Supper Club and Catering which offers a great atmosphere in which to enjoy excellent food.

The supper club has an interesting past: It was once a tavern, general store with butcher shop, and dance hall . . . all at the same time; at one point it offered rentable sleeping rooms as well. The building was built in the late 1800s by Louis Lehner and, known as Lehner’s Corner, became a very popular stop for stage coaches and local travelers for years. The traffic made the town very busy, and it offered a blacksmith shop and other small businesses. The dance hall was used by the community even after it ceased to be a dance hall as it hosted weddings and even movies.

In 1973 Dick and Jeanne Kollman purchased the building which was being used as a tavern and small restaurant. Inspired by the history of the building, Dick and Jeanne embarked on an extensive remodeling in 1977 to bring the building to its current state. This remodeling included an expansion of the dining area in order to help the building remain a popular community gathering spot. Still used for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding rehearsals, and small weddings, the restaurant became the hub Dick and Jeanne envisioned.

Now Dick and Jeanne welcome you to join them in experiencing some of the past in the present at Kollman’s Korner Supper Club. They still offer excellent food and warm hospitality that cannot be rivaled in east-central Wisconsin.